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The Slip Skirt. Why Your Wardrobe Needs One.

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

The Slip Skirt

Every fashion season at least one trend makes such a huge impact that it seems to dominate all other trends. When this happens, the trend is all but guaranteed to find its way into virtually every type of fashion retailer where, eventually it's being offered in every possible permeation, color and size, and at multiple price points.

Such is the case with this year’s satin slip skirt - a trend that emerged as the ‘must-have’ piece earlier in the year, and it’s not for nothing that you’re seeing a version of the skirt almost everywhere you go now. The skirt has finally trickled all the way down the fashion chain and many retailers are now offering it (along with its cousin, the slip-dress) as part of their holiday collections, which makes complete sense when you consider the skirt’s soft, feminine lines and dressy appeal.

But don’t be fooled, this skirt isn’t just for dress-up. In fact, it’s one of the most versatile looks in fashion this year. It’s a great buy for any woman looking to strategically expand her wardrobe and maximize its flexibility.

It’s no secret that I favor functional investments in fashion, especially those that can be dressed up or down and adapted to year-round wear. This skirt meets these criteria and more - being both beautiful and unusual in the bargain. Even if you get sick of seeing it everywhere you go (which you most probably will), pay attention to how it’s being worn by other women because the possibilities are nearly endless. Wear it now and then pack it away for several seasons until it’s no longer trendy. You’ll have added a timeless classic to your wardrobe that can be revived year after year for everything from holiday parties and weddings to date nights and casual daywear. If you don’t own it already then don’t let the opportunity to invest in at least one pass you by before the look starts going ‘out’ of fashion. Why? Because you'll be hard-pressed to find this many satin skirt options again for quite some time, or any style that works quite this hard for your wardrobe.

How to Buy

Look for knee-skimming, below the knee, or midi lengths in a lightweight fabric cut along the bias — preferably one in real silk or satin. Fabric matters with this look. You want the skirt to skim the length of your body without being overly full. It should softly suggest the line of your hips and legs without hugging or tugging anywhere. Hem lengths vary, as mentioned above, but anything at the knee or below is what you’re looking for. Waistbands, too, can vary. The elasticized waistband is popular, but I prefer styles that zip and bands that rest flat at the waist, or even directly above the hips, as I feel they create more elegant lines and tend to be better for tucking.

Color is entirely up to you, though I’m avoiding black, or anything trimmed in lace myself as they remind me too much of slips themselves; not a look I find tasteful, personally. Also, remember that you’ll want to wear this skirt many places and on many future occasions; choosing a more neutral color and style will make this easier to do.

If you feel the fabric is too thin or revealing, or if it calls too much attention to your flaws then wear it with a body shaper. This is exactly the kind of situation in which they excel.

Style This Look

Pair with a logo t-shirt, or chunky sweater for casual days. Wear with tennis shoes, kitten heels, sandals or boots of nearly any type to complete the look. Styled right, this skirt provides a great alternative to jeans.

For work, pair your skirts with a white cotton blouse or printed shirt. Add a lightweight blazer or cardigan and you’re good to go.

When weddings, dressy events, or holidays roll around and you’re short on ideas, this skirt can be a real life-saver. Pair with a silk camisole or with a soft blouse and and a dressy belt. Add heels and voila! Problem solved.

Dates nights. This is absolutely one of the best all-time best looks for date nights looks ever, Whether casual or dressy, it works with just about everything.

Finally, don’t be afraid to take some risks with this skirt. You may not think to pair it with a baseball cap (seriously), t-shirt and tennis shoes, or with a chunky belt or sweater, but if you’re willing to experiment and take a few style risks then you may be very pleasantly surprised with the almost endless number of looks that you can create

And, as always, don’t hesitate to reach out to me, or my team at info@Audreyandgrace.com if you need more insight or extra help.

Happy styling!



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