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Stylist's Tool Box

Every well-dressed woman needs some basic styling tools in order to look her best. Just as you wouldn't leave the house without first checking your face in the mirror or brushing your teeth, so you shouldn't leave home for the day without first giving your appearance a final once-over. It's amazing the difference that a few basic styling tools can make. While both our own tool box, and the ones we use when working directly with clients, are continually evolving, there are a few essentials that we always, always keep on hand in our own dressing area.

The most basic of these, and the most essential of all, is a full-length mirror. It's surprising just how many men and women seem to dress every day without looking at themselves in one, but there you have it. We've had more than one client tell us that they "just use" the bathroom mirror, or the mirror in the hallway, etc. Many don't use any mirror at all, for whatever reason -- even if they do have one.

We understand. Looking at ourselves in a full-length mirror isn't always an easy thing for some of us to do - especially if we're not that all that happy with what we're wearing, or with the way we look in the first place (we'll get to that another time). It also takes a little extra time because it means that we may have to fix or change something, but, then, that's kind of the point. If you want to look good then you must first be willing to risk seeing what looks bad.. That's where we all have to start.

Your full-length-mirror (FLM) doesn't need to be expensive or fancy. In fact, you can pick one up at any Target for as little as ten dollars and stick it in your closet or wherever. Just make sure it's readily accessible so that it's easy to use every day.

Remember to check back here regularly for more styling tips and to learn about the other essentials we're using in our own stylist tool box.

Happy styling!

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